Carver County Judge Janet L. Barke-Cain, Wallace Case

Posted on October 8, 2012


Update on Carver County Tiffany Wallace Case

Tiffany Wallace is a single mother who lives in Chaska, Mn- a resident of Carver County. Tiffany is a licensed child care worker, a licensed pharmacy technician and medical assistant. Tiffany is the mother of four children, a daughter 10, son 9, daughter 4, daughter 2. Tiffany Wallace and her four children became targets and now victims of Carver County Social Services.

On December 16th, 2011 Tiffany received a knock on her door from Carole Cole (unlicensed child abuse investigator for Carver County) claiming Tiffany was not feeding her children. Carole Cole had no explanation as to where this claim came from or why she was at Tiffany`s door. Tiffany cooperated with the CPS agents and the alleged claim was proven wrong.

Without warning, social workers -Carole Cole, Cindy Finch, Rachel Perez, and a Chaska police officer came to Tiffany`s door January 10th, 2012. Carole Cole claimed she received a letter that Tiffany`s children were in harm and they immediately took custody of all four children. Tiffany asked to see the letter, no copy was given to her at the time of seizing her children from her home. When Tiffany`s attorney subpoenaed the county for the alleged letter received, none was given. To this day no one has seen the  letter Carole Cole spoke of claiming harm to Tiffany`s children.

Tiffany`s 9 year old son was placed with his father (although the child and father have never met). The 2 and 4 year old girls were taken. It is still unknown to Tiffany and her family where the two youngest children are living. Carver County will not tell Tiffany and she is not allowed contact with any of her children.

Tiffany`s oldest child (10 year old daughter) was born from rape. Convicted felon, Hosea Morgan raped Tiffany Wallace 10 years ago resulting in the birth of her now 10 year old daughter. Hosea Morgan was convicted of rape and is now a registered sex offender living in South Minneapolis, Mn. Carver County Social Services sought out Hosea Morgan as the `father` of the seized 10 year old girl. Although Hosea Morgan and the 10 year old child have never met, Cindy Finch and Carole Cole placed the young girl in his custody. Carver County`s Judge Janet Cain court ordered the rapist `father` to undergo psychosexual exam to see if he is a risk for raping the young girl. Although Morgan has never done the evaluation, Judge Cain has left the child in custody of the rapist. The young girl is in Morgan`s care to this day. Morgan has a criminal history of domestic violence, rape, DWI, disorderly conduct… the list goes on. The 10 year old girl begged Carver County to not go with the man, she had no idea who he was and she was afraid, she wanted to go home. Social Worker Cindy Finch told the girl she either goes with the man or they will adopt her out. Cindy further intimidated the girl by handing her pamphlets on adoption agencies. Tiffany is not allowed to see her daughter who is now in the custody of the man who raped her. Social worker, Cindy Finch told Tiffany, `it matters none how the child was conceived, the biological father has rights to the child.` Apparently in Carver County mothers do not have rights to their children.

Social Worker, Cindy Finch`s parental rights of her own children were terminated years ago… she is now a social worker for Carver County.

Tracee Bosch, Supervisor of Carver County Family Services had involvement in Tiffany`s case, along with the Banken kids` case, and many others. Tracee Bosch was in a meeting with Tiffany, Tiffany`s attorney and a few others last Tuesday, October 2nd. Bosch stood up part way through the meeting and stated, `I cannot do this for Carver County anymore`… she stormed out of the office. Tracee Bosch quit her position that day and no longer works for Carver County.

Judge Janet Cain is the director of Carver County Social Services. Carver County Social Services trains their agents in `Signs of Safety`, which is a pedophile-friendly approach to child protection.

Carver County targets single mothers. The county makes enormous amounts of money from each child on federal and state funding, along with money from the victims… in some cases garnishing their bank accounts, wages, and wages of the father – if he is paying child support. They confiscate money for `foster care placement` from the parents, along with enormous amounts in federal funding for foster care placement, fathers rights funding, and more.

Another Judge Cain horror story –  Theresa Katka, a mother and resident of Illinois – six children removed by Carver County while visiting family in Minnesota about a month ago… coming up.

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