What happens to children ignored and shut out by CPS? Read on…

Posted on July 29, 2011


Banken v. Banken -

Banken Father: man with attempted rape & strangulation on his criminal record Police Report 04.07.2007, with a long history of severe physical and sexual abuse of women, animal abuse(put mildly), theft…

Banken kids claim abuse – Banken Father has abused his wife for years -police reports and witnesses to this go years back…

Banken Father admits to placing a shock collar for a 200 lb dog on his 3 year old son during the custody evaluation- encouraging and allowing 3 year old boy to be shocked – father laughed as boy walks in crying from the pain – pins leave marks on boys neck… Custody evaluation by Mindy F. Mitnick states, `Father thought this was a good lesson for the boy`. (what beneficial lesson in life this was to the 3 year old boy was never listed… when asked in trial Mitnick did not have an answer. Mitnick had answers to very few questions, she became agitated, she snapped at Mother`s lawyer and made most everyone in the courtroom cringe at her unethical and incomprehensible testimony)

Banken Father admits to being inappropriate with 6 year old daughter, during the time period of the custody evaluation as well. Daughter claims Father hurts her most every night, but not when Grandma stays over. (girl said this with a shy smile, almost as if it is a relief when Grandma stays over – she is not hurt) Daughter and son have had many signs diaplyed of sexual abuse seen in young kids – for almost 2 years now since the kids claim the abuse began. Banken Father does not report disturbing behavior in his home. Although the kids have told Mother, fiance and others that the behavior is prevalent in the home with their Father. Father and CPS cover up all incidents or claims coming out of Fathers home. CPS sides with Father and claims to believe the children are well behaved and have no signs of abuse other than the few hours they are with their Mother. In reality this is impossible. But CPS likes to claim the impossible, which has been proven time and time again. It is a rigged case, in which any and all things pertaining to abuse, or wrong doing are pegged to be twisted, turned, lied outright, and pointed back at the protective parent – in order for everyone to get paid out of the federal ACF/HHS funds available to counties for this type of litigation (the funds are being abused, they stage these cases to utilize the funding, the amounts available are in the millions a year) If the case is staged – instigated into high conflict with numerous motions filed, court hearings, supervised visitations, and countless court appointees – then the more the case will pay out.

The children in these tragic cases suffer enormous amounts of abuse and psychological torture. The Banken children, to this day, have not been relieved of being held hostage in the home they are abused in. The Banken children, including the young baby taken at 11 weeks old, has not seen or spoken to their Mother in over a month – only two hours in the last two months. This pain in children is quite simply impossible for any adult to comprehend. Maternal deprivation is the most grueling of child abuse, it is simply torturous to young children. Mother`s of these lost children will typically fall apart, take their own lives, or disappear. In most cases their supports are gone, their lives have been demolished, their financial situation is always ripped away by the courts, and they are left with nothing. Losing their children is the only thing they can think of, the rest of it matters none in comparison. The pain they know their children are in is the most crippling. This is unimaginable unless you have been through it. I am not a victim Mother myself – but I have been told there are no words. I will not attempt to explain the pain this would cause. The thought of doing this to these young children is unthinkable. CPS in Carver County has some large questions to answer in upcoming litigation of a very public civil lawsuit.

In Banken v. Banken the young boy is now 5, his anger has reached a level where he has cut the tail off of a 70 lb dog. (Boy has never been this way prior to when the abuse started by father end of 2009, boy has always been a very sweet young boy, kind and caring) Since this dog incident on May 6th, 2011 – boy has since stomped two baby bunnies with his boots- killing them, boy speaks freely about this, he has cut up frogs at father`s neighbors home… among many other incidents, boy has spoken about killing his Father for a year since boy was taken from his Mother. Young boy`s aggression has raised to extreme levels. CPS of Carver County and court appointees in Banken v. Banken ignore all warning signs for 2 years. CPS inflicts crippling pain in Banken children by way of maternal deprivation, even the small infant – now 1 year old. CPS abuses the children further by removing them completely from their Mother – for reasons of retaliation against Mother for discovering fraud performed by Carver County Minnesota in the Banken v. Banken custody litigation.

5 year old Boy claims he pushed his baby sister down the stairs at fathers home while baby was left in boy`s care, boy has been found kicking his baby sister and inflicting unnatural physical pain to his 7 year old sister.

7 year old girl claims she has had to pull her baby sister`s head out of bathtub water many times since she was caring for her baby sister at dad`s. 7 year old girl has seemingly uncontrollable caregiver skills with infant since father gained custody, this was blatantly obvious to Mother and her fiancé when kids would be over. 7 year old girl felt the baby was her responsibility, it took many visits to get her to go play like kids not care for her sister, she had to be taught that it was Mom`s duty, this was never the case after baby was born until departure into father`s home, this was very bizarre behavior from 7 year old girl, she refused to go outside and play, 7 year old daughter would even wake in the night at times and stand up when infant would cry at Mom`s house, Mom had to put girl back in bed, this behavior was troubling for Mother and fiancé – why was older sister caring for her baby sister like a mother?

Infant has been reported falling off beds (admitted 4 times, but kids claim more), chairs, couches, and down stairs at father`s home. Infant has come to Mother`s home with 6 bruises, a black eye, and a diaper rash so bad it was bleeding into her diaper at 6 months old. Baby once had a long bold rod-like bruise across her back. When mother asked father why during drop off he replied, `she fell off the bed`. Carole Cole of Carver County CPS snipped at Mother stating this was normal for an infant. Carole Cole of Carver County claimed all things are `normal` in Father`s home. Tracee Bosch of Carver County claimed she believed father`s story of a cabinet falling on the baby bunnies, although the boy beamed about stomping them with his boot as the bunnies slept in a cove by the fence in father`s backyard… how would a cabinet fly out of the house and fall on the bunnies while in a hole in the backyard?

Nicole Mercil was at Mother`s home when 7 year old girl said her brother killed bunnies at dad`s house. Nicole asked girl, `did you actually see him do it?` Girl said `no, but he did, he killed them, I know`. Nicole shrugged it off. She shrugged it off even after boy came in and started talking about it in front of her, showing how he stomped them with his boots, he speaks of these things like he wants everyone to know, and he does, he is screaming out for help…

Tracee was on the phone with mother the next day… and informed mother they believe father about the cabinet story…

Anyone want to guess – from this one story – and there are so many more – why Banken Mother insists on recording literally every meeting with Carver County CPS and any court appointees on this case? The list of this neglect and abuse by CPS is much longer than this one horrendous story.

Read captions below… you do not have to click on them, just skim the title is enough… this is what ends up happening to so many kids forced into home with an abusive father with no protection or supervision…

This is why Banken Mother is trying so hard to get help for her children:

And Nicole Mercil – CPS – emails mother yesterday telling her it is `Mother`s fault` that she cannot even speak to her kids – see them – touch them – or hold them.
70 lb dog could have very well killed or taken a limb off the 5 year old boy. We wonder if CPS would pay attention then? We know they would not. Banken v. Banken is a rigged case.
Wonder if they would pay attention if one of the kids were hurt – or hospitalized – or suffered broken bones.. nope to that one too. Rice`s children have suffered broken bones numerous times in altercations with their father… Rice mother is still not allowed to see them. Rice v Rice is a rigged case.
Wonder if they would pay attention to a father that finds it funny when a young boy is shocked by a dog collar affixed to his neck? No again, not even during a custody evaluation… Wonder if a custody evaluator would pay attention to sexual abuse… no, she never spoke to the Banken children, even though Mitnick said it was part of her evaluation to interview the kids. In trial Mitnick admitted she never requested or looked at the records from the sexual abuse reports at Carver County. Which we know makes no difference: unlicensed CPS worker Carole Cole did the investigation on the children…
These are `rigged cases`- so the money these appointees make – and the lack of work they do – is easy money. $20,000 for Mindy Mitnick/Custody Evaluator to write up a report – a report a 7 year old could have written better. Then you have a bunch of court appointees that only had to ignore all the abuse – sip their coffee – act like they care – get their check – go to the bank.